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Our advanced computer tomography is set to transform automated inspection through its unwavering capabilities in speed, and high-resolution imaging.


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Best-in-class CT Imaging

The VedaCT, best-in-class CT imaging, revolutionizes automated inspection, empowering you to make the right choices for your design and its mechanisms, giving you back control, and delivering confidence.

It observes in machinery what science observes in its analysis of microparticles, capably high-resolution scanning both external and internal surfaces using Non-destructive Testing (NDT).

veda x ray scanning machine
high resolution x ray scanblurred x ray scan

Superior Imaging Performance

The VedaCT takes advantage of a granite base. Known for the effective absorption of vibrations, the granite foundation enables precision scanning that delivers a comprehensive analysis of the constituent of any material, supporting design innovators across a multitude of industries. The machine’s 400 mm diameter turntable offers 360-degree image processing, commendably examining every element of a scannable component.

A Rapid Inspection Process

Fast scanning is made possible through the utilization of industry-leading hardware. VedaCT users can act quickly on inspection-report analysis, helping to keep them ahead of their competitors.

3d x ray scan

The Ancient and the Cutting-Edge

The Sanskrit word “véda” means “knowledge” or “wisdom“.

The Veda is the oldest body of knowledge in the Sanskrit language, and the root of the Hindu religion. Combining that ancient pursuit of knowledge with the most modern of technologies, the VedaCT gives you the tools to revolutionize your production processes.

The VedaCT has fully met our expectations and supports a broad spectrum of research projects. We can easily collect sizeable, relevant volumes of data for comprehensive analysis, that assist us in defect detection, metrology, and reverse engineering.

Grainger Institute for engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S
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